© 2014 Cozumel, Mexico

Welcome to Cozumel's latest and uniquely different beach, Papito's Beach Club Restaurant and Bar!

Papito's is located on the south-western point of Cozumel, inside the protected national park "Punta Sur" and surrounded by Cozumel's federal Marine Park. We offer you an exclusive beach experience, away from any crowded and commercial beach clubs or resorts, in the unequaled heart of Cozumel's natural essence...

If your day at a beach in Cozumel is about experiencing a postcard-style Caribbean beach with white soft sand, blue crystal clear waters, an authentic palapa style restaurant, miles of natural beachfront to stroll on, one of the best and untouched reefs to snorkel at right in front, away from any urban noise, where nature is still the main attraction...Papito's is your choice!